I am a wildlife ecologist who has spent most of my career studying predator-prey dynamics in the interest of helping augment our fundamental understanding of ecosystems. From those foundational experiences, I have worked towards projects where I create readily applied conservation products, as highlighted in my international collaborations and black bear work.    

Of course, research is not done in a vacuum. I cannot give enough thanks to the wonderful people who have helped me along the way. As such, I have profiled my collaborators where I can in order to promote their amazing skill sets and contributions. Also, thanks goes out to my field technicians for all their hard work; I hope you are doing well wherever you have ended up in life.


Postdoctoral Positions

Mississippi State University [Feb 2021 - present]: Applying new quantitative methods in animal movement

Mentor: Dr. Garrett Street

Mississippi State University [May 2019 - Feb 2021]: Modelling fine-scale habitat use, potential human-bear conflict zones, and harvest vulnerability for reestablishing black bear populations in Missouri

Mentors: Dr. Ray Iglay (MSU) & Laura Conlee (Missouri Department of Conservation)


Ph.D.   Trent University                       2019

            Dissertation: The cascading effects of risk in the wild: how snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus) respond to the threat of                    predation

            Advisor: Dr. Dennis Murray


M.Sc.   Mount Allison University         2012

            Dissertation: Interactions between predators in an intertidal mussel bed community

            Advisor: Dr. Diana Hamilton

B.Sc.   University of New Brunswick   2008

            Honors by course


Jerold Belant (State University of New York)

Mariela Gantchoff (State University of New York)

Carlos Ramirez-Reyes (Mississippi State University)

Charles J. Krebs (University of British Columbia)

Jacob Seguin (Trent University)

Sam Sonnega (Trent University)

Lee Scholl (Trent University)

Sibelle Torres (Trent University)

Murray Humphries (McGill University)

Rudy Boonstra (University of Toronto)

Sophia Lavergne (University of Toronto)

Emily Studd (University of Alberta) 

Stan Boutin (University of Alberta)

Guillaume Bastille-Rousseau (Southern Illinois University)

Jan Hušek (Univ. Hradec Králové)