I am a wildlife ecologist who has spent a career to date studying predator-prey dynamics in the interest of helping us in our fundamental understanding of ecosystems. This theme can be found in pages describing my research and work experiences, where I hope you get a sense of the broad array of skills I have developed. Moving forward, I hope to use my skill set to expand into other types of meaningful ecological questions, as highlighted in my international collaborations section.    

Of course, research is not done in a vacuum. I cannot give enough thanks to the wonderful people who have helped me along the way. As such, I have profiled my collaborators where I can in order to promote their amazing skill sets and contributions. Also, thanks goes out to my field technicians for all their hard work; I hope you are doing well wherever you have ended up in life. A special thank you goes to Ryan Lamoureaux; all photos of birds on this website are his while the rest are from my own collection.  

Finally, this journey has taken me through some amazing experiences and I have been able to live simply, studying wildlife in remote places where humans often don't venture. Because of this, I have gained a deep appreciation for those untouched places and the wildlife that lives there and hope that, with my work, I can help Canadians and others preserve the beauty and diversity that is inherent to this Earth.


Postdoctoral Positions

Mississippi State University [May 2019 - present]: Modelling fine-scale habitat use, future areas of occupancy, potential hunter impacts, and areas of harvest vulnerability and potential human-bear conflict zones for reestablishing black bear populations in Missouri


Ph.D.   Trent University


            Advisor: Dr. Dennis Murray


M.Sc.   Mount Allison University


            Advisor: Dr. Diana Hamilton


B.Sc.   University of New Brunswick      


            Honors by course


Charles J. Krebs (Univ. British Columbia)

Emily Studd (McGill Univ.) 

Guillaume Bastille-Rousseau (Colorado State)

Jacob Seguin (Trent Univ.)

Jan Hušek (Univ. Hradec Králové)

John Speakman (Univ. Aberdeen)

Murray Humphries (McGill Univ.)

Rudy Boonstra (Univ. Toronto)

Rupert Palme (Univ. Veterinary Medicine Vienna)

Sophia Lavergne (Univ. Toronto)

Stan Boutin (Univ. Alberta)

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