Publications in Preparation

20. Torres, S.*, Boudreau, M.R.*, Segiuin, J.L., Scholl, L., Sonngega, S., and Murray, D.L. Stress eating: hare diet choices under the threat of predation. In preparation *Co-first authors

19. Seguin, J.L, Boudreau, M.R., Lavergne, S., Boonstra, R., Boutin, S., Krebs, C.J., and Murray D.L. Maternal exposure to predation risk alters juvenile recruitment: demographic implications for a wild mammal. In preparation.

18. Lavergne, S., Seguin, J.L, Boudreau, M.R., Boutin, S., Krebs, C.J., Murray D.L., and Boonstra, R. The effect of maternal exposure to perceived predation risk on juvenile epigenetic programming in snowshoe hares. In preparation.

17. Hossie T.J., Eads, A.E., Boudreau M.R., Wikston, M., Bargelt, L., Beaty, L., Breton, B.A., Congram, M., Ferreria, C.C., Heney, P., Jenkins, D., Johnson, J., Kierepka, E., Kelly, C., Leavitt, J., Myette, A., Scott, C., Seguin J.L., Watt, C., and Murray D.L. Towards an evidence-based approach for lethal predator control. In preparation.

16. Boudreau, M.R., Seguin, J.L., Bastille-Rousseau, G., Studd, E., Boonstra, R., Humphries, M., Boutin, S., Krebs, C.J., and Murray D.L. Home ranges and habitat hotspots: how predation risk alters landscape use in free-ranging snowshoe hares. In preparation.

15. Boudreau, M.R., Seguin, J.L., Studd, E., Boonstra, R., Speakman, J., Humphries, M., Boutin, S., Krebs, C.J., and Murray D.L. The cascading effects of predation risk: metabolic and complex behavioural responses of free-ranging snowshoe hares to the threat of predation. In preparation for submission to Journal of Animal Ecology. Under review with collaborators.

Publications in Review

14. Hušek, J., Boudreau, M.R. and Panek, M. Can we trust hunters as wildlife managers? Submitted to the European Journal of Wildlife Research. Under review.


13. Boudreau, M.R., Seguin, J.L., Lavergne, S.G., Scholl, L., Sonnega, S., Kenney, A., and Krebs, C.J. Please come again: attractive bait augments recapture rates in naive snowshoe hares. Wildlife Research. In press.

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11. Boudreau, M.R., Seguin, J.L., Boonstra, R., Boutin, S., Krebs, C.J., Palme, R. and Murray D.L. 2019. Experimental increase in perceived predation risk causes a cascading stress response in free-ranging snowshoe hares. Oecologea. 191:311–323 pdf

10. Pinheiro, A., de Sousa-Pereira, P., Almeida, T., Ferreira, C.C., Otis, J.-A., Boudreau, M.R., Seguin, J.L., Murray, D.L., Lanning, D.K. and Esteves, P.J. 2019. Sequencing of VDJ genes in Lepus americanus reveals VHn expression related to pathogenic history and not leporid species continent of origin. Molecular Immunology. 112:182-187 pdf

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1. Quinn, B.K., Boudreau, M.R., and Hamilton, D.J. 2012. Inter- and intraspecific interactions among green crabs (Carcinus maenas) and whelks (Nucella lapillus) foraging on blue mussels (Mytilus edulis). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 412: 117-125 pdf

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