Project skills

- Conducting field work in a remote locations for long stints, where resources are often limited, supervision is minimal, and physical conditions are demanding

-Wet lab and field enclosure manipulation techniques

Animal handling

-Live-trapping and handling of medium sized mammals; morphometric data, reproductive assessment, ear-tagging, collaring 

-Capture and handling of adult and juvenile sturgeon; morphometric data, PIT tagging, surgically implantation of tracking units 

Bio-logging, physiology, statistics, etc.

-Extensive knowledge of VHF-telemetry; approx. 1000 hours logged​

-In depth knowledge of GPS telemetry and accelerometry

-Physiological assays: hematocrit, immunological smears, total/bound/fecal cortisol (I-125/H-3 radio-immunoassay and enzyme-immunoassay) 

-Administration and processing of stable isotopes for field metabolic rate

-Collection and processing of invertebrate samples; invertebrate ID and biomass measurement  

-Diet content analysis

-Standardized mark-recapture, visual count, transect, and video occupancy methods for population density estimation  

-Classification of landcover imagery in ArcGIS

-Knowledge in classic statistical methods (e.g., ANOVA, GLMs, path analysis) and complex spatial and behavioral analyses using GPS and accelerometer data; all completed in R

Other skills

​-Substrate composition analysis (pH, conductivity, etc.)

-Water quality measures

-River bottom substrate samples for habitat analysis

-Care and maintenance of sturgeon hatchery  



Teaching Experience

 - Mammal Session Leader, Rare Bioblitz 2017 

 - School Group Educator, Boreal ecology, Kluane field camp 2015-2016

 - Biology Tutor, Trent University 2014-present

 - Waterfowl Session Leader -Presqu’ile Waterfowl Weekend 2014

 - Teaching Assistant, 2010, 2014-2018 

        Human Physiology, Human Anatomy, Foundations in Biology,

        Vertebrate Zoology, Animal Physiology, Mammalogy,

        Foundations in Cellular and Molecular Biology,

        Science for Arts Students

Course Design

Principals in Environmental Monitoring - Topics include environmental ethics, working with stakeholders, public and private lands, ecosystem impact mitigation and recovery

Mentoring Experience

Honors students (x2) - helped with project design and implementation, data analysis, manuscript write-up (publications can be found here)

Field Technicians (x4) - leader of effective and dependable teams; hired and trained, provided work expectations, plans and schedules, sampling protocols, and feedback on work progress and quality 

High school students (x2) - helped with project design and implementation, data analysis, project write-up and presentations


Conference Presentations

Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution 2018

Northern Studies Colloquium 2016 - 2018

Benthic Ecology Meeting 2011

Atlantic Canada Costal & Estuarine Science Society 2010 - 2011

Public Outreach Presentations

 - Biology Department, University of Saskatchewan. 2018. 

 - Biology Department, University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. 2018.

​ - Stirling Public School. Webtalk. 2018. ​

 - 3 Minute Thesis. 2018.

 - Symons Seminar Series. 2018.

 - Wildlife Population, Conservation, and Behavioural Ecology Lab. Western       University. 2017.

 - Hare-Lynx Conference. 2017/2018.

 - Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology. Colorado State 

   University. 2017.

 - Peterborough Field Naturalists. 2017.

Peer Review

Wildlife Research

Marine Biology 


Wildlife Biology in Practice 

Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Journal of Mammalogy


Graduate Student Representative – Animal Care Council

Science Co-Chair – Northern Studies Colloquium Organizing Committee

Symons Graduate Student Presentation Series – Judge & Abstract Selection   



May 2015     Collaboratively obtained NSERC RTI to support PhD research

Academic Awards

May 2018                   French American Scholarship                                    

May 2017                   Northern Studies Training Program Award               

May 2017                   E. Curtin & I. E. Curtin Graduate Scholarship          

May 2016                   Northern Studies Training Program Award               

May 2015                   Northern Studies Training Program Award               

May 2015                   E. Curtin & I. E. Curtin Graduate Scholarship           

September 2014        O’Brien Humanitarian Trust Scholarship                   

May 2014                   NSERC AGB CGS-D Postgraduate Scholarship       

May 2010                   NSERC CGS M Postgraduate Scholarship                

September 2009        HMSC Graduate Scholarship                                      

September 2007        Norman Brougham Miller Scholarship                    

September 2004        William and Lois Paine Founder’s Scholarship        

September 2004        James Somerville Scholarship                       

September 2004        Jean R. Stewart Memorial Scholarship

June 2004                  Governor General’s Medal

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